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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Mask of The Wolfman

Top Five

Thought I'd also share my top five. Here's my five favorite Art Jumble pieces I've done so far :D

Week 069: Retro pin-up girls

Week 117: Princess Leia

Week 118: Street Fighter

Week 157: Create your own Jedi or Sith

Week 158: When zombies attack

-Art Commode

High Five!

Thanks for looking dudes!

Niko Geyer

"You Make My Heart Sing"

An homage to Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are, this was my contribution to Cory Godbey's Terrible Yellow Eyes tribute from last year.

* * *

"The Orphan Prince"

This is a commissioned book cover for a young adult novel of the same name about a young prince and his page who embark on a big adventure. That sense of excitement and departure is what I wanted to capture with this picture.

* * *

"Jack and the Beanstalk"

Some of the Art Jumble veterans may remember this one. I actually drew it for this blog over two years ago! Feel free to take a look at the archived entry for some more information.

* * *

"Ambivalent World"

Even though my webcomic, Fantasy Realms, has been on hiatus for several years now, I still love to revisit the characters every now and then. Ledin in particular is rather iconic and a fan favorite.

* * *

I'm not sure if these are my best, but they certainly rank among my favorites. You're welcome to visit my homepage if you want to see more of my work:

Matt Partridge - Top Five

I'm Matt Partridge. Check out my Web Site and my Blog

Pigologist's artworks

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

maybe my best

Five artworks, of which I think at this moment, they are five of my best.

Open Canvas, 2007

Painter and Paint Tool Sai, 2007

Watercolours, 2008

Open Canvas, 2008

Paint Tool Sai, 2010


                                                             Bob Lizarraga

War Machine & Iron Man

An Illustration I just had to get out of my system, hope you like it :D

Personal Faves


Gimme 5!

My top 5

Happy birthday AJ!!
Here's five of my favourites..Visit for more at