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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Quick painting of Rorschach, this was by far one of my favorite scenes from the comic and the movie. :-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Silk Sale

First thing that came to mind....

Silk Spectre

Watchmen by Chogrin

I just wanted to share with you all, some character designs, my older brother, Chogrin, did for the Watchmen art show in Philly. I think he would of posted this himself, but he hasn't received his invitation yet. And since week 2 of watchmen is almost over, I figured I'd post these for him. My brother is inspired by golden age animation, a.k.a rubber-hose animation. He was actually the one who brought up the watchmen art show to me. I knew immediately that he would do "the Minutemen,."

You can view more of his work here:


Chogrin and I plan on finishing all our versions of the watchmen / minutemen and doing a super small run of books later this summer.
Thanks guys!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lil' Dr. Manhatten

This guy had as much screen time as the rest of the team so I figure it's only fair to show him as well......:)

Scared of This Suit

blue love


After seeing the film this character has easily become my favorite watchmen.

Please, sir, may I have some more?

No squid for you!

Just a sketch expressing my displeasure of the absence of a good friend.

Silk Spectre

Here is a Silk Spectre to go with the Dr. Manhattan i did.

Hope you all like!


My Blog

rorschach/smiley face

given the law of infinite possibilities this had to have happened at least once.

Silk Spectre I & II

Liana Hee

The Comedian

Here is my interpretation of the Comedian. He is my Favorite character in the watchmen novels,. I wanted to create him really looking happy like a comedian should look! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hello everyone! My name is Guayapisco. I'm from Guayaquil, Ecuador, but currently reside in Philadelphia. Since I'm new here I thought I'd start with some "Watchmen" related art. These are some quick portraits I did of Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, and the Comedian.

I also did a small run of stickers and gave them out last week before the premiere of the movie.

These portraits and other Watchmen art were exhibited at the Imax by King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia, to promote the movie. The gallery was put together by the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and featured a lot of members from the Autumn Society of Philadelphia as well.

You can view pictures of the gallery at my brother Chogrin's flickr account here:


You can view more of my stuff here:

Thank-you for your time and I look forward to posting here often!


Silk Spectre

Another Silk Spectre for the mix.

Caricature Manhattan

Caricature Manhattan

I did this one to display at the extra easle - it's a self-caricature.


Watchmen Sketch

Don't ask me about Manhattan's expression. He just started out as some random bald guy. :)

Silk Anyone?

If you haven't seen the movie...its dope as all hell. Sorry didn't feel like coloring today, i may another day ;)

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