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Friday, March 12, 2010


a very very quickie hope you like

Star Wars

Here's a T-Shirt design I did a while back for the most famous 'war' in the known universe!

Space Wars...

Commander Staci : Intergalactic Riot Squad!

Cold War

I been posting on my blog a top ten comic & cartoons babes...for some reason my #6 has to do something with ill post this illustration in case i dont have time to do an actual illustration for art jumble this week, forgive me guys...hope you still like her :)

in other news our art jumble mate Craig Wilson told me that i should have mentioned my interview on "the character design blog" i didn't know i could do that here...but anyways, thanks Craig, and please visit the interview...thx and do positive coments LOL

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Staring back at war

My grandaddy was a WWII veteran, he wore his WWII veteran hat everyday until the day he died.

His daily activities would include kicking his horny dog off his leg, and chit chatting with his friends about their days in the war over a gazzillion cigarettes out on the porch. When he was alone sometimes I'd watch him stare into nothing...but somethin' all at the same time.

This painting I did of him during undergrad was my interpretation of what I always imagined he'd been staring at all along.

Till this day I don't know one person whose been apart of a war that doesn't have this stare...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

War - Darksiders!!!

Hey gang!!

Wow!! Long time since my last post! Sorry been pretty busy! I did this piece a little while back, but it fits the topic. I think Joe Mad's Vision is incredible and well I had to post up my version!!

Hope you like