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Sunday, February 18, 2007

i can't believe i missed the topic on cats and dogs...DOH!
oh well better late than never...

Hello All

A new Illustrator from England here, Glad to join and looking forward to sharing Illustrations. Hmmm looks likes cats and dogs at the mo, please accept my weird cat Beastie. I animated him recently, and results were very funny.
  • Gina Birch
  • My Girlfreinds Schnauzer pup

    Here's a portrait of a lil' furry friend named Rudy, my girlfreinds miniature Schnauzer.

    Dog Days

    I've enjoyed lurking and admiring all the contributions... but I thought it was about time to make my own!

    There's something magical about animals and their first snow.

    Begging for food, again?

    But you just ate...

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Oh, one more...

    Because there's something fun about drawing really skanky cats :)

    Feline character

    Hi everybody, first time posting....hope you like this feline character.

    Thursday, February 15, 2007


    Back in my student days at Kent State, my roommate John had a dog named Sam. Sam was notorious for destroying baseball hats (as well as couches). My other roomy, Jason, punished Sam for destroying his hat by making him sit on a barstool wearing the hat facing away from us as we watched TV. Every now and then Sam would look over his shoulder to see if he could rejoin us. Looking back I am impressed with how smart Sam was, especially how easy it was to get him to do these things with no training involved. He also had a knack for outsmarting our other roommate Brian, but that was neither hard to do nor as impressive as sitting on a stool wearing a baseball hat.

    I see this struggle everyday. Yes that is a 30lb cat.

    Nothing funnier than seeing a dog do this across brand new carpeting.


    our replacements for kids, dont we love em
    this one was for ol Eric Z for his bday a few years back, see his pic below for more checkers

    Last years card

    some sketches of my little lady

    my ladys little man, in heaven at the bottom

    my familys collection


    Hi, I'm new, been lurkin' for awhile though. Hi!

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    Newcomer, bearing furry things.

    LOVE the talent on here. Thanks for having me :)

    To celebrate Valentine's Day (and futz up the cats vs dogs results ^_-) - here's a warm-n-fuzzy of both.

    This is Morgan aka Mr Morgs, one of my parents' Aussie Terriers:

    cat sketches

    Cartoon Black Cat and Doggy Caricature

    It's been a while since I contributed. Sorry about that, I have been crazy busy with storyboard work. Another couple months and I can take some time off to work on my own stuff, and some art jumble stuff.
    Oh man, cats and dogs? Imagine the luck, I have tons of those!

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Chihuahua... common dog lovers, show some love for this majestic creature...

    It may be as annoying as Paris Hilton, but it's still SO cute... little gremlin puppy!

    Cats from my 2005 xmas card

    My cats and dog and other creatures.


    Ahh, an opportunity to get away with submitting an existing piece. This one was part of a proposal; I'm happy it didn't go through, those dots are a killer!

    This shouldn't even be a competition...

    If I was going to have a puppy, this would be him or her... I would fall in love... Who would pass up nipples that puffy, and a tummy that rotund...