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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Week 1: Vampire Ambush

Ok so here is my second post for week one. I posted two different versions obviously, one with bright colors and another with more muted colors.

For this post I wanted to go back to my animation roots, simple shapes and strong silhouettes. I was thinking a cemetery background with a monochromatic color scheme would have worked well with these characters but I didn't have time and may revisit this in the future.

And now on to week two!

Week 1: vampire, ping pong and soda can

This is my post for the weekly drawing extravaganza. I kinda just threw it together and its late and I'm a terrible person. I also thought Max Schreck's portrayal of Count Orlock should be represented in one of these vampires

Week One... VamPong Energy Drink

I wanted to try something a little 'out there' for the start of the blog.. haha... successful?

Vampire energy drinks for ping pong.

Took me about 2 and a half hours in Flash 8. I like the colors, but I didn't really spend time on the logo aspect. I may re-work it later, I just ran out of patience. Heh...

"Vam-Pong gives you fangs."


What th' ?!

this took longer than I wanted , so I'm giving up here , was trying to get some better color action but....and yeah , it's supposed to be a paddle , looks like she's looking in a mirror or something.....Damn you, drawing gods !!!

Here's mine. I did it in Photoshop in about an hour.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Week 1: Reigning Pong Champion

Well gang here is my first Art Jumble post. Imagine this, a reigning ping pong champion, that happens to drink human blood and fear sunlight, sits in his lair and ponders how to defeat his next opponent.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Week 1: vampire, ping pong and soda can

I had to do this one. For the non-pong enthusiast, eleven is the score to beat someone in a match.