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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Double-Post Guilty Pleasure guilty pleasure is drawing pinups of some kind...just sketches...when I'm not working on anything I still draw pinups, so I guess it's my default mode. My avatar in SL is a pinup girl.

Also my guilty pleasure is double-posts, so I'm adding an illo from when I was 17 or thereabouts....really old clip from a set of early comics I drew that featured 'the dregs', 'marshmallow people', 'the steel cobra', and a somewhat crazed alter-ego who liked to send people to a place called 'The Weird Limits'. I was never into the swords and skulls thing, I did 'The Weird Limits' which was more of a mental assault where the most unexpectedly annoying things would always happen.

"There is no escape from the Weird Limits!"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Guns, Guns, Guns...

I love drawing women packing steel. In real life, I don't care to see women brandishing firearms at me, but in drawings?

Girls and Dragons

Since I can remember, girls and dragons are my guilty pleasure...

Little devil !

Forget guilty... just pleasure!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Violent video games.

Each week I pick up litter, go to church and kiss a puppy, but when 5:00 rolls around it's time to kill me some everything. Aliens, gods, gang members, it doesn't matter just give me a gun that makes their body split in two. Seriously though, I only play them for the dialog! - Das!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure for My Son's Drawings

Last night my 4 years old son drew this faces,
and asked me to give more and more stars.

He was happy of stars given, but I was carefully to not do this over for his greedy of scores.

Maybe I was wrong.

More drawings from my blog: House of Coffeebean

Drawing Beautiful Women

It's a hobby of mine, but don't tell anyone ssshhh...

Cadbury creme eggs!

This time of year all I can think of is Cadbury Creme Eggs! Where to buy them, how many can I eat, where to buy more...

Guilty Pleasure: Sketching.

My guilty pleasure is sketching, I am almost always sketching. Road trips, shopping, funerals, sometimes in church, at school, family reunions, breakfast, lunch, second lunch, right now, I doodle almost everywhere.

Guilty Pleasures..

I have many.. comic books, old school heavy metal, boobies, children's books and monsters amongst them.. Here's some images from one of my favourite children's books... 'Where the Wild Things Are' I produced recently.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i kinda liked this movie... :S

if you can't guess... it's from 'love actually'.

War Films

One of my guilty pleasures is definitely war films. This painting was inspired by HBO's Band of Brothers, which happens to be a ten-part series. I can never watch just one.


I'm addicted to this sci-Fi japanese franchise called Kamen Rider. I just love all the series, movies and different characters, its awesome.

Guilty Pleasure

Burn out this Sin City!
But I haven't matches right now.

More Pleasure from my blog: House of Coffeebean

Drawing Marvel Superheroes

I love Drawing Wolverine from time to time

Monday, March 22, 2010

Childrens Books...

I have an obsession with picture books - I spend hours trawling through bookstores reading all the books in the children's section (in libraries as well) At least I can say its "research" ^_^

Guilty Pleasure: Teen Titans (starfire)

'Cuz she's so kewl.