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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Roger is actually a Hamster, but I needed something to use as my inspiration for this animated character used for a film I was involved with a couple of years back called "chipmunk vx. Warrior.

More Boston Terrorists

Boris and Iggy

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boston Terrier

This character is loosely based off my BT.


It's a bit cutsie, I know, but she was a bit cutsie.

Grendle, a terrier/poodle mix, and she was a great doggie.

oh no dog

I would like to take this opportunity to rant about dogs in coats. This just has to stop.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My shih tzu with a girl

plasma and thrombocyte

im sure you can guess whos who. i used to have a big reddish orange goldfish named hemoglobin but he died :(

Maizy is her name-O!

Hahaaa....this is my cat Maizy. She is a tortoise shell colored kitty. She responds to many names, for example: maizum, meep, maizymoo, cornpop, porkchop, and maizum catastrophe(when she's bad). She also has many colors, with a white patch under her chin. She plays fetch and walks along the top edge of all our doors. She always has an attitude and this sketch makes me laugh, cuz it makes her look soo sweet...

me and the pewch get cold...

a sketch for a holiday card (2006)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my best furry freinds

The last year was a tough one. While seeing Robyn(my wife 2b through her battle with cancer I watched my best furry pal slowly pass away from it. After 17 years of good times with him I can say with much ease he was the best cat or even pet I've had. He was more of a dog and definitely liked dogs too. He is also the inspiration behind my Cake story as well as his canine sidekick Pig. May they both rest in peace I dedicate this post to the two finest pets I've known.

This picture dates back from my days in school when I'd only use a mouse for video games.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This isn't my pet... technically he belongs to my roommate. I love him to death though, and I wish I could afford a dog of my own... but for the time being, Pig Pug provides me with most of the fun of a dog and none of the responsibilities. He also reminds me surprisingly of the english bulldog I grew up with. Maybe I'll do a special piece for him by week's end.

You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down!

He's been gone for about 2 years now, but Skippi the Schipperke was the coolest dog I ever owned, a great friend, and a constant companion for about 13 years – he left his mark (everywhere), and he won't be forgotten. If you're not familiar with the breed, imagine sharing your home with a canine version of the Tasmanian Devil! Skippi was also the most amorous thing ever on 4 legs. If he could be reanimated it wouldn't require an evil mad scientist, and his hunch-backed assistant, working in some laboratory on a dark and stormy night... I think this would do the trick.
I have dozen of illos about my cat...but you would think I'm mad if I post many, so...I post only these.My cat is named Gato, and he's 13 years old now, but he´s so happy and I love him so, that I cannot think about "The day he'll go away". :(

Ok, enjoy the day, folks!

Monday, June 9, 2008

This is Ashley, my family's ancient cocker spaniel. 15 1/2 years young!
And these rascals, though now deceased, are Popke and Puddin' Pot Pie. I misses them ._.

Parker the Boston Terrier

I just recently bought a Boston Terrier puppy two months ago. Here are two illustrations and a vinyl toy I painted to look like her. I would love to do a new illustration but if I do I think my friends and coworkers will have me admitted to a psychiatric hospital.