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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dorothée & Tpex

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Hi everyone

New Illustration this week with a surprise.
I have mixed the themes given by two drawing communities coz I had no time enough to do two illustrations this week, I have mixed "Celebrate" theme from IF and "Sponge Bob" from Art Jumble featuring Dorothée & Tpex!
Hope you'll like it, you can check details in close-up!

Have fun!


Spongebob Girlpants

hey i'm Wes and this is my first submission..

i've been obsessed with drawing track bikes lately so..i had to draw mr. squarepants rockin' the hipster look.

see you guys next week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twisted Spongebob

This is for an artist trading card I did this week using Gouache and Ink on Strathmore ATC paper. Fit the theme perfectly for Art Jumble.

"The inner mechanations of my mind are an enigma."

Good ol' Patrick

SpongeBob 1

I was trying to amuse my kids again with this version.
• 2B pencil on Illustration Board
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Fat Sponge Bastard Pants

In an attempt to make my kids laugh, I combined Fat Bastard with SpongeBob, It was a success, They laughed for about 10 seconds. I did another one combining SpongeBob with a lesser known character from Cat-Dog cartoon named "Rancid Rabbit". I actually loved that one myself.
•2B pencil on Illustration Board

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Thrill of the hunt

I'm a huge fan of the series given its Spümcø-esque style of grade-A insanity so I had to recreate one of my favorite parts of the show, jellyfishing. - Das!