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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i only wanted to grow up

when i was little, all i dreamed about was to grow up to be one of these 4 things: a cat, a mother, an artist, or shirley manson.
i was kind of strange.
pardon the coffee stain- it was a long day at the office

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flip Sides of a Dream

Different types of childhood dreams - good and bad.

A bit old, but I think it's fitting with this week's theme...

BMX Dreams

My older brothers and I spent at least 4 solid summers watching this movie. We would watch it in the morning, and ride the rest of the day. Once we got the soundtrack, it was blastin' on the boombox in the driveway.
Clinton Yaws

Childhood dream : Pirrrrraaate!!!!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I dreamed a Dream a Childhood dream... and it came true

From the time Ive been five years old i always wanted to be a professional artist.I drew when I was happy, I drew when I was sad, I drew when I was bored, I never seemed to stop drawing, it was like eating , sleeping and breathing, and it's the same way today, so many years later.

I won a slew of awards in kindergarten and in first grade, when i was eight years old, i was approached by an author, Mary Anne Gross, and drew the cover of a book entitled, "Mother, These Are My Friends" . I recieved Financial Royalties for that book everytime itsold and if was just one of the many positive experiences that gave me the confidnce to pursue art as a career.

As a child, It made be feel good to have such a positive effect on people. Ordinarily if you can Do something that others cannot, theres a lot of jealousy involved. Ive found with art and drawing, that wasnt the case. People who couldnt draw seemed to enjoy watching ME do something as much as I did. I made friendships, and even kept bollies off of me. "dont bother HIM he drew me a picture once, " they'd say. It amsxes me that I am blessed enough to get paid for something that Ive done since childhood, and would still do if i wasnt paid a dime.

Playing till Sunrise

Playing games till I couldn't play no more!