Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My job has murdered my art

for the time being, this is the best i can do :( (i practically sleep under my desk)
its hard to make out because the scanner hates blue pencil, but its me, sitting legs-crossed in my cube, being destroyed by my cup of coffee (coworkers have a habit of throwing things over my wall and managed to get it in my cup once)

i really want to finish this... *sigh*.. back to work


sooo printed on the garbage B&W printer and outlined. still wanna finish this but.. totally not gonna happen in time.


jason quinones said...

why the fuck would anyone want to throw $#!t over into your cubicle????

i hope this is just some friendly harmless interoffice shenanigans.

if not...i'd be happy to storm the place for you!

and oh yeah...this looks good so far. keep it up! and don't the let the man get ya down!!

David Jackson said...

sigh indeed.

Lena said...

haha yeah. i mean, i LOVE my job, its just i draw in flash all day.. i dont want to sit and draw after 8 hours hahaha.
and yeah, its just the guys from my department that throw things (ie: starburst, jellybeans, stressballs, crumpled paper notes, beanie babies.. everything)