Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mr. Frodo

So, my question is: why didn't a few of them jump on a couple of gigantic eagles, fly over to Mount Doom and drop the ring in?

15 minutes, done!

They could've been back in the Shire in time to see Rosie Cotton at the pub!


Unknown said...

Cool! He looks like me with hair.

Don Murphy said...

I was shooting for that!

Nelly said...

Que buen estilo el de Frodo!!.

Naldoman said...

Really, now...giant eagles are not at the beck and call of mere Hobbits. But after taking down Sauron, they have enough street cred to roll like that....y'know?

Juanma said...

You got a point there.
But then again you ougtha know
that the S.G.E.M.E
(syndicate of Gigantic Eagles of Middle Earth)
was in the Middle of an strike during that time, It was actually AFTER the strike that they were able to intervene on the matter, by a formal petition send thru a Moth by the wizard named Gandalf.