Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello. I go by the name Juicy J. This is my first post, and thought I would have to come with it to set a standard. I didn't go as far as i wanted. Plan to do some cool lighting and and thunder effects...but I went with a more minimalist approach, and then said to my self, "that'll do pig. that'll do."And so I stopped when I was ahead.

Look forward to posting more in the future, and it's a pleasure to be in the ranks of so many fine artist. Cheerio!


TS Rogers said...

It's evident that Storm has just made it quite cold. Nice work.

Kay said...

Hello Juicy!
Good first post -- I agree with TS I think Storm has been messing here. Delighted you have made good use of one of my favourite quotes from Babe. I think you were right keep a copy at this stage if you do go on to add weather systems I like the minimilism (eeek spelling??) and I think the strength of the character shows very well.

samax said...

aw ISHT!!
Juicy J up in this piece!

craig wilson said...

Welcome! Glad to see another Ororo!