Friday, September 12, 2008


i don't know what's the scariest thing about bigfoot: the fact that they never travel in packs smaller than a dozen or so, that they always travel at night or that they can 'read' the mind of any 'being' that they make visual contact with. it's a pretty tough call as i figure it.

maybe its their smell.

anyways, been a while since my last post...yada yada...

couldn't pass up this weeks subject if i tried. love what i've seen so far. can't wait to see what the rest of the 'week' brings.


rory said...

This is great. I like the dark moody look and the idea they could disappear in a second.

hyde'nseek said...

Own up, you traced off a photo you took didn't you!

Seriously though, this has great depth, very mystical as is bigfoot.

rick from ontario said...

close:i managed to get a photocopy of the photo faxed off to an undisclosed location just before the 'power went out' and the black helicopters started circling, maybe i traced the faxed copy a little. maybe.

craig wilson said...

groovy dude!

you really seem to know a lot about this guy....maybe...too much?

the one post to really capture that mysterious feeling!